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Memories of Monchhichi Mania

Posted by truthoughts on May 22, 2008


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Today I was looking at some old 1980’s decade things like commercials, cartoons, etc. Well, I came across the Monchhichi dolls and cartoon intro:


 I just got a huge kick out of this. I use to have one and I loved it dearly. When I was 6 years old, my school had this sale day where kids would go to this room and there would be all kinds of fun things for them to choose. The kid would mark down everything that they wanted, then their parents would fill out another sheet of what they could have. The parent would then send that form with a check to the school and the kid would get whatever their parent let them.

Well, my older cousin also went to my school. I was in 1st grade and she was in 6th grade. The school would have the 6th graders team up with a 1st grader to help them fill out the sheets. Well, apparently my cousin warned her class about me… that I would want everything that I saw… I proved her right.

I was teamed up with a boy in her class and he walked me around the tables, writing everything that I wanted… pretty much everything that was not for boys. When I was done, he said that my cousin said that my mom said that I could only have one thing. I was so sad. To his dismay, at this point, because my options were now very limited, I would have to rewalk the tables and narrow it down to one item. The poor boy was visably upset about this, but he did it anyway.

As you can probably tell, I picked the Monchhichi doll. My doll had a thumb to suck and also a bananna in the other hand that he could put in his mouth.

I kept that doll for many years. I have moved a lot and it probably was sold at a garage sale at some point. I wish that I would have kept it, but there are a lot of nastalgic things I wish that I had still. I wonder how many others enjoyed their Monchhichi dolls as much as I did.

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