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  • July 2020
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    • I Will Rest In You
      It has been a long time since I was able to post here and recently was encouraged to start posting again.  I will start by posting a video for those who are battle weary from the spiritual onslaught going on during these last days.  Be encouraged, replenished, and comforted… you are not alone.
    • The Word as an Onion
        Too many merely accept the Word on the surface.  They pick and choose this verse or that and build their doctrine out of it.  One instance for example is that in regard to adultery.  God’s Word says that you should not commit adultery; wherefore, those who have not slept with someone outside of their […]
    • 40 Days of Challenge – Day 6 Positive Practices and the Danger Zone
      40 Days of Challenge Day 6 Positive Practices and the Danger Zone           Positive Practices   Philippians 2:14 (KJV) “Do all things without murmurings (grumbling) and disputings”   Have you ever found yourself making an effort to go out of your way for someone only to find that they respond without […]
    • 40 Days of Challenge – Day 5 Dare to be Different
      40 Days of Challenge Day 5 Dare to be Different   The Post-It Challenge Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV) “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil (calamity), to give you an expected end (a future and a hope).” Isaiah 55:11-12 (KJV) “So shall My […]
    • 40 Days of Challenge – Day 4 Self Control and Thoughtfulness
      40 Days of Challenge Day 4 Self Control and Thoughtfulness   Self Control James 1:19-20 (KJV)  “Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not (does not produce) the righteousness of God.” Many times in our human relationships, we find […]
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This page will be a collection of my poems as well as others that I enjoy. I will credit the author if an author is known. If you would like to share any of your favorite poems with me, you are greatly welcome to do so. You will notice that some of my poems are different in the fact that I do not always know what I am writing about until I am done. I let words just flow without constricted thought and at the end, they form a story or an image. It could probably be considered free thought/expression though some of them are the typical rhyming lines, etc. I look forward to sharing my poems and favorites with you as well as experiencing yours.

FYI: On my poems page, which is still under construction, I have a lot of poems that I have written in the past that I would like to include… however, I cannot seem to find them and haven’t had enough time to look in the garage – Yikes. Once I do, I hope that you will be back to see what I have written.

Consuming Fire
by Alison

As darkness creeps in
and terrorizes with sin
the light shines forth
from His thrown
peircing death, conviction and strife
to give to us eternal life

Your peace consumes me
like fire in a breeze
spreading forth
and engulfing me
so that I
can clearly see

Consuming fire
spread through my soul
engulf my life
and make me whole

by Alison

You are always there for me
whenever things go wrong
You hold my hand
and cheer me up
and move me right along

The memories shared
will live forever
forever in my heart
and they will never go away
never will they part

by Alison

As I bow before You
my heart collides
with Your ever lasting love
You’ve held my hand
and pulled me along
along Your narrow path
and always greatful
I will be
because Your eternal love
has set me free

by Alison

A hand that touches
heals the soul
a hand that strikes
kills the mold
peace kept
is a life of love
seaking deep
looking far
never stealing
never greaving
always looking for the star
wondering where You are
dreaming of the day
that we will soon meet
knowing that Your face
is all that I seek

Please Come To Me
by Alison

I call out Your name
‘please come to me’
but You do not respond
so I call louder
‘please come to me’
I need You to stay
don’t go away
‘please come to me’
I feel You so close
and reach out to touch You
‘please come to me’
though You start to fade
as I kneel and pray
‘please come to me’
then I feel Your hand upon my cheek
while You whisper the words
I deeply seek
‘Please Come To Me’

To The Waters
by Alison

I came to the waters
where You had once been
drenched by the blood of Your love
whispers of the past
flowed through the wind
like the streams of a gushing flood
my spirit cried out
and I began to see
all the changes that took place
all around me
though I was weary
You gave me Your strength
and as a crutch
I leaned on Your name
Your grace and Your glory
I do now depend
for You have promised
You’ll stay through the end
I look beyond the sea
and a vision does appear
Your standing there with open arms
and a grin from ear to ear

by Alison

I have to have you
or I’ll bust
my love for you
is based on trust
Im going crazy
wondering what I should do
I will go nuts
if I don’t have you
I see you every single day
I want to hold you
that’s what I pray
I want to grab you
and kiss you too
but when I’m about to
I fall in two
so please help me
show me how you feel
then please tell me
what’s the deal…

My Love
by Alison

My love for you
is meant to be
no mortal man
can break it free
my love is strong
my love is deep
the hill to come
is very steep
together is my wish for me and you
together we will be
cause my love for you
is true
it takes some time
but I don’t mind
cause your worth the wait
but please don’t hesitate
my love is like
a well
flowing throughout
my blood
if you wait too long
soon it’s gonna flood

The Storm
by Alison

The rain poors down
with a thunderous crash
as lightening streaks through the sky
and sirens roar a howling sound
as birds flutter on by
then all at once the winds rise up
up to heaven’s door
the trees do sway
and the shutters crash
upon the storm no more

The Door
by Alison

Everything you’ve wanted
all that and more
lies waiting for you
beyond the next door

by Alison

When your sad and when your blue
look up and find a star
then just think of me
cuz I’m not that far
you never know just what will come
the future holds a lot
everything is up for grabs
so hold on to what you’ve got

His Awesome Love
by Alison

With wings like an angel
the Lord carries me above
far beyond the earthly cares
in His arms of stength and love
the very thought of joy
with truth and gentle peace within
I’ll carry with me every day
for those consumed by sin
He kills the angers
calms the fears
and sweetly dries
the falling tears
He is my Lord
the King above
forever I’ll be
in His awesome love

The Son
by Alison

As rays from the (Son)
beam down on my soul
He lifts me through the clouds
then the skies depart
with a thunderous crash
as trumpets sound from the stars
choirs of angels surround the heavens
while truth is birthed and seen
forever has started
eternity has begun
and peace will last
with the loving Son
then the lightening will flash
and the thunder will crash
and the earth will circle the (Son)

by Alison

Why does the world
spin round and round
and lovers walk hand and hand

Why does the sky
turn red
and birds fly

Why do hearts
sing songs of joy
and eyes
cry tears of pain


by Alison

Sitting in my room – alone
with heat all around me
burning with the flames of pain
paid dispersed from within
a deep wound carved by a sharp fear
with a flickering light from beyond
that creeps from a distance unknown
and as the heavy seeds
fall from my face
a wind blows them away
and a bone chilling freeze
sped down my spine
as I stood
dazed and compelled
frightened of what I’d see
this hole is deep
deep beyond my grasp
‘please’ I cry
yet no one is there
so I yell again
and still – there is silence
the absence was more than I could bare
struck and scared
I screamed for help
as the words just echoed forever
never reaching their destination
eternally smothering my soul
so this is hell
an infanent death
beyond the grasp of the mind
oh why
did I not listen
to the pastor down the hall
preaching – day and night
the Word – that brought men sight
my chance is gone
it’s lost forever
never again to be
oh please do listen
now is the time
so you will be set free

To Helen
By Edgar Allan Poe

I saw thee once – once only – years ago;
I must not say how many – but not many.
It was a July midnight; and from out
A full-orbed moon, that, like thine own soul, soaring,
Sought a precipitate pathway up through heaven,
There fell a silvery-silken veil of light,
With quietude, and sultriness, and slumber,
Upon the upturn’d faces of a thousand
Roses that grew in an enchanted garden,
Where no wind dared to stir, unless on tiptoe –
Fell on the upturn’d faces of these roses
That gave out, in return for the love-light,
Their odorous souls in an ecstatic death –
Fell on the upturn’d faces of these roses
That smiled and died in this parterre, enchanted
By thee, and by the poetry of thy presence.

Clad all in white, upon a violet bank
I saw thee half reclining; while the moon
Fell on the upturn’d faces of the roses,
And on thine own, upturn’d – alas, in sorrow!

Was it not Fate that, on this July midnight –
Was it not Fate (whose name is also Sorrow),
that bade me pause before that garden-gate,
To breathe the incense of thsoe slumbering roses?
No footsteps stirred; the hated world all slept,
Save only thee and me. I paused – I looked –
And in an instant all things disappeared.
(Ah, bear in mind this garden was enchanted!)

The pearly lustre of the moon went out;
The mossy banks and the meandering paths,
The happy flowers and the repining trees,
Were seen no more: the very roses’ odors
Died in the arms of the adoring airs.
All – all expired save thee – save less than thou:
Save only the divine light in thine eyes –
Save but the soul in thine uplifted eyes.
I saw but them – they were the world to me.
I saw buth them – saw only them for hours –
Saw only them until the moon went down.
What wild heart-histories seemed to lie enwritten
Upon those crystalline, celestial spheres!
How dark a woe! yet how sublime a hope!
How silently serene a sea of pride!
How daring an ambition! yet how deep –
How fathomless a capacity for love!

But now, at length, dear Dian snak from sight,
Into a western couch of thunder-cloud;
And thou, a ghost, amid the entombing trees
Didst glide away. Only thine eyes remained.
They would not go – they never yet have gone.
Lighting my lonely pathway home that night,
They have not left me (as my hopes have) since.

They follow me – they lead me through the years.
They are my ministers – yet I their slave.
Their office is to illumine and enkindle –
My duty, to be saved by their bright light,
And purified in their electric fire,
And sanctified in their Elysian fire.
They fill my soul with Beauty (which is Hope),
And are far up in heaven – the stars I kneel to
In the sad, silent watches of my night;
While even in the meridian glare of day
I see them still – two sweetly scintillant
Venuses, unextinguished by the sun!

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